Mommy Lynn

She is hiding a Rum & Coke behind her back!!

This is my Momma. 

This past Christmas season we were absolutely drowning. Short on staff because suddenly our Old Guys couldn’t come in anymore. Dealing with stressful food chain shortages. 

Our 12 Days of Giving accidentally became bigger than what I could handle on my own. 

We were overwhelmed (in an amazing way!) with our community’s passion to support local!!

Overloaded with chaos, rules, regulations. Panicked with stress, anxiety, worry, and exhaustion.

That was me.

On December 1, 2020 my Mom, Lynn Moroz, who works in her office upstairs above our shop (she can assist you with life and disability insurances), came into our shop to check in on us...and never left.

Simple as that. She never left us.

She could see what was happening and stepped right in. She volunteered her time for 8-10 hours a day. For the next 23 days.

She learned to run our new till. She learned to wrap pepperoni and vacuum seal beef jerky. She helped manage our younger staff. She ran errands every single day for us. She kept the shop telephone in her apron pocket and answered questions every five minutes! 

She buys our jerky for her clients. 

She shares, likes, and comments on every single FB post and product we make. She tells complete strangers about our little shop all the time!

She spoiled our staff with real food...and real Happy Hours!

Everyday at 4:00pm, you could hear Johnny yell MOMMYLYNNNNNNN! IT’S HAPPY HOUR!!

She brings joy, she brings chaos, she brings a wild energy that can outlast all of us. 

She brings us all our favourite drinks!

She did so much for our 12 Days of Giving and I will be forever grateful for this.

She brings a safety net to me. One that I can fall into and trust because I know she will catch me. 

How do you put into words, the gratitude and love you feel for someone like her? 

She has been with us for every single up and down of this business. 

Mom, we will be forever thankful for all that you have given to us. To our family, you are the world.

Today, we raise our happy hour Rum & Coke’s to you!

We love you so much.