Oodles of Chocolates

Oodles of Chocolates is a mother ~ daughter Chocolate Shop with a flair for making treats pretty. Soooooo pretty!!! We have customers that will buy five of these HotChocStics... go to their car...think about their purchase...and return a few minutes later to buy another twenty!

Oodles of Chocolates
Edna and Allison MacLeod
C2 4915 50 Ave. Lacombe, AB
Website: oodlesofchocolates.ca
Facebook: oodlesofchocolates
Instagram: @oodlesofchocolates

Oodles of Chocolates

A Note from Edna

We have been making Chocolates for what seems like forever and love every minute of being a part of everyone’s celebrations. We offer a wide selection of Chocolate treats with our most popular being HotChocStics. Our favourite stories are the ones about our HotChocStics becoming Family Traditions where families gather for Christmas Eve or Christmas morning and everyone shares a yummy mug of Hot Chocolate.

We really believe that Hot Chocolate is a Hug in a Mug!

Have a Happy Day!

Tickled Tea

Tickled Tea

Rootbeer Tea? What the!! Handmade in the little town of Stony Plain, Tickled Tea has been with us for years!

Kristin Thompson
Tickled Tea
Website: www.tickled-tea.com
Facebook: TickledTea
Instagram: @tickledtea

A note from Kristin

I started Tickled Tea in the fall of 2016 with the desire to create fun and unique tea blends that don’t skip on flagour. With ingredients ranging from chocolate chips and sprinkles to holistic herbs and tropical fruits, Tickled Tea’s aren’t like what Grandma used to make. Based out of Stony Plain, AB, every batch of delicious Tickled Tea is hand-blended in a home kitchen that has been inspected and approved by Alberta Health Services. 

So go ahead and tickle your tastebuds!

Soup Time

Soups that are ready in 30 minutes! So easy, so yummy, we hope to always have these customer favourites in our store! What we love about these soups is that they say “If you are in a rush, add 8 cups of water” or “If you have time, add this and this and a bit of this” It’s up to you!

Al & Jennifer Beniuk
Soup Time Inc.
Website: www.souptime.ca
Facebook: souptime.co
Instagram: @SoupTime.ca

Soup Time

A note from Al

Our orchard is located near Lac La Biche Alberta, we use no herbicides, no pesticides, and no chemicals!! All natural ingredients with no added sodium or MSG.

Going Nuts

Going Nuts

We found these guys at the St. Albert Farmer’s Market and what a gem we came across that day!! Beer Nuts!! Red Velvet Peanuts! Butter Rum Pecans! Birthday Cake Almonds! Sambuca Pistachios! Fuzzy Peach Pecans!

Seriously, we just had to get them into our shop and they are a favourite!

Website: www.goingnuts.ca
Facebook: goingnutsyyc
Instagram: @goingnutsyyc

A note from Brenda

Our passion for serving Calgarians with unique products led us to open Going Nuts in 2004. Originally based at the Calgary Farmers’ Market in the Currie Barracks, Going Nuts started with only 3 flavours of nuts. The company has expanded organically over the years and now operates in Farmers’ Markets in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. Our son, Jeremy and nephew, Brian are now in charge of the day to day operations of Going Nuts.



We can’t keep our hands out of these bags! Seriously, our staff have them stashed all over the shop...under the till, on the counter in the back, in the staff room, and hidden in the office drawers. Not only do we love these delicious treats, we adore the owners of this business!!

Website: www.choco-licious.ca
Facebook: Chocoliciousgd
Instagram: @chocolicious_confections

A note from Chad & Miranda

Choco-licious launched in 2012 and continues to be a small, local family owned and operated business. 

We started Choco-licious because...well...we have an obsession with candy! Not just any candy! Those who know us will tell you, we are a bit METICULOUS, so our ingredients are of the highest quality, prepared in a spotless environment, presented in a fun and appealing way, with unique new products introduced regularly. 

Since we started, our highly addictive products have become popular, sought after favorites for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re two or ninety-two, once you taste one of our Choco-licious treats, you’re hooked! In addition to online sales, Choco-licious is now available at a number of retail boutique locations. We are also very proud to support a variety of community fundraising initiatives. 

Choco-licious is truly a family team effort, so we thank you. Because of your loyalty...and your sweet tooth... our little business continues to grow. And as we grow, we continue to give back...to help make our community strong.

Because to us, that’s what true success is really all about!

Kick Ass Caramels

Oh shit, they’re so good!

It’s true. We have customers that come in for just these caramels... and if they are out of stock we get hounded until we call in another order! We absolutely adore Heidi and Gail... they are crazy and awesome and so full of energy you can’t help but fall in love with them, and their little business!

Website: www.kickasscaramels.com
Facebook: KickassCaramels
Instagram: @kickasscaramels

Kick Ass Caramels

A note from Heidi

If you have never tried to make caramel yourself, allow us to paint a picture for you: Imagine trying to pull teeth from a shark... a hungry, angry shark... that is also on fire... and you have to pull the teeth using jello. Figure that one out.

That is what it is like trying to make caramel. One degree over, or under temperature, and you can kiss that succulent smelling hot mess goodbye. After some shed tears, and choice words, we brush ourselves off and start all over again. 

As you can imagine, it took hours, upon hours, in the kitchen trying to perfect the recipe. After all of the hard work, dedication, and not to mention all of the burns from the hot caramels (it’s not a joke people. We risk our lives to bring you these candies..... WORTH IT!) we have finally ended up with the recipe that we all know and love. There’s nothing mysterious about it, there are no chemical preservatives, and everything is made by hand.

Every caramel is created, cut, wrapped, cellophaned, and packaged with love... You won’t find ’love’ on our ingredient list, but we can assure you that it’s in there!