What You Need to Know

  • Your team can keep your fundraiser open for any amount of time!! We recommend running it for only two weeks or so. Any longer than that we find that customers start wondering where their Beef Jerky is!

  • No fundraising order is too big or too small!! We will never turn anyone away!! 

  • Credits earned, product weights, and gluten friendly items can be found listed at the bottom of this form. All other product information is listed on this site under Products.

  • Download, print off, and pass out the selling forms to your team!

  • Once you have collected all of your athlete’s fundraising forms, bring the forms into Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove immediately!! We will enter them all into a master spreadsheet which will show how the individual athletes did, as well as how the team did as a group. It will show how many credits the team earned and what is owed to WILHAUK04 Inc. This spreadsheet will be sent to you for approval and can be used for your own bookkeeping purposes. Basically, let us do the math for you ;)

  • ALL CREDITS EARNED will remain in your team bank account. You will write one team cheque payable to WILHAUK04 Inc. for the balance from our spreadsheet. Basically, you are just paying us for the meat. What each player earned will be kept by you and then distributed to their names. Payment is due at order pick up. MasterCard, VISA, Debit, EMT’s, and cash are accepted as well.

  • We usually need one week to turn around your order!! When you come into the shop to bring in your forms, we will book your pick up date with you then! Dates and times are definitely flexible and can be worked around your team practice or game schedule so that distribution is easy for you. 

  • One person from your team will pick up the entire order. We will have each athlete’s order packed in its own labeled bag (with their original order form) so that no sorting is required. Pull up at the rink with the fundraising

Download Team Fundraising Form

Team Fundraising Contest!!

Team Fundraising Contest!!

To qualify for the prize listed below, all fundraising must be completed and handed in between September 5 2023 – May 30 2024


ALL teams that hand in a fundraiser for $10,000 or more, will be treated to West Edmonton Mall Waterpark or Galaxyland Passes for a fun team event!!  

Prize Small Print:

  1. One ticket for each athlete + two chaperone tickets to a maximum of 20 tickets will be given.  Official team lists will need to be handed in. 
  2. This means… that each athlete needs to sell approximately $550 each (depending on how many are on your team)… that is only 28 bags of Beef Jerky!!
  3. WEM tickets can be used at Galaxyland or the World Waterpark.
  4. You may run two separate fundraisers, with the same team, to reach the $10,000 goal.
  5. Teams cannot be combined together.
  6. Please Note: West Edmonton Mall Waterpark or Galaxyland passes are only available through Spruce Grove Wilhauk Beef Jerky team fundraisers.

Please contact us with any questions and good luck!

Amanda Wilhauk 
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove & West Edmonton Mall

780.571.1515 or 780.298.7779

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