Maikha works so hard for us, it’s unreal!! 

She can handle quadruple the workload when we work through a crazy Fundraising Season, Christmas Season, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day...and she does it all with a smile.

She never says no to us! It’s an inside joke that we share and it makes us both laugh. 

Yes Boss. No problem Boss. Sure Boss

Please don’t call me Boss. Ok, Boss.

Maikha was the very first employee that we hired...back before the shop was even open! She had no idea what to do...and neither did we. Like, no clue at all even how to work a till, nevermind weigh and wrap product.

How far we have all come since then. 

Now, we go straight to her with questions and for her opinion. Let’s be honest, she basically runs this place.

She’s a great organizer, she always treats our customers so well, she is reliable, and responsible, honest, and trustworthy. 

She gives so much to us.

She has been with us since the beginning and we sure do appreciate her being beside us as we continue learning about running this small business of ours.