The smiles!! This girl...she comes to work and immediately brightens up the shop!!

Alyzza works full time for us now, which we are so grateful for!!  She works so’s like having 4 people working all at once.  She jumps right in, she knows all the stations. 

She puts up with allowing me to help her pack fundraisers...even though she has to keep an eye out for the mistakes I always make, and she always catches!!

Her specialty is our Christmas Boxes!! She will come in at 3:00am to start packaging and wrapping these for us. As soon as our customers see how pretty she has made them...they want another, and another, and another. And as the list grows, Alyzza just keeps on going.

She loves to make the front of our store look good with decorations and full shelves. 

She is shy but full of sunshine and giggles. 

She works hard for us and we appreciate this so much.