Trevor Wilhauk

He has oversmoked the jerky, forgotten to put the salt in the jerky, forgotten to double grind the ground beef, forgotten to thaw the trim, forgotten to order the pork, ran out of spice, messed up numerous recipes, and ran out of time. 

He’s thrown meat at the wall in frustration when the casing keeps splitting on the sausage that he is making. 

And, we all cringe when it’s time to pull out the patty machine. 


He has never given up on his shop. He has never given up on his product. He has never stopped trying. 

He has never given up on his dream to run his own meat shop, like his Dad and his Grandfather.  

He has never given up on his family. We would be nothing without him. 

He will spend the entire day in the back of the shop...making sausage and pepperoni all day.  

He will come in at 4:00am to get the smoker fired up for the day so we can be ready for a big weekend. 

Then, when he’s finally done...he will always wander upfront to the storefront and start straightening jars, lining up labels, and stocking little items. 

Putzing and tidying. This used to drive me crazy. It’s late. I’m exhausted. And starving. Can we just do it tomorrow? 

But now, as I have watched this over the last five years, I can see that this is him. 

He takes pride in all aspects of our shop. He wants everything to look good for his customers in the morning. 

He chats all day with the guys in the back while he’s making sausage and they are trying jerky. He gets distracted all the time so it takes him twice as long...but that is because everyone wants to talk to Trev.  

The suppliers, the maintenance guys, the product salesmen, the equipment people, and his customers all want to chat with him.  

He’s like that. And we thank God for him every single day. 

~ Amanda