Scarlett Wilhauk

This last baby of ours!! 

She spent hours and hours in our shop when she was so we built up our business she played in the office and our staff gave her treats and attention in between her Kindergarten days.  

Now, 5 years later, she has more responsibilities at the shop!! She can vacuum, clean the staff room, stuff jerky bags, vacuum seal the jerky, stock the shelves, and she’s learning the till.

Scarlett has also started up her own business too!!

Sweet Scarlett Candies!

She has purchased all of the candy with her own savings, bought the containers, and labelling stickers...and she works for hours putting it all together in the commercial kitchen at our shop.

What is the hardest part of your job? 

Not eating the candy!

What are you going to do with the money that you earn?

Save for a mortgage and probably buy some more Rainbow High Dolls. And save up for a car. And probably some more candy. Actually, can I buy some of my own candy?!

She was so excited to put her own items out on our shelves!! And then she was bursting with pride when her sister and Daddy lined up to be her first customers

Sweet Scarlett, that beautiful smile of yours is already worth more than a million dollars