Olive Wilhauk

She’s amazing. Our 14-year-old daughter, she is simply freaking amazing.

She can run the till, serve customers, pack jerky bags, clean, and she will work so late into the evening with us when we are scrambling and behind...it’s not even admitable.  

We would be lost without her. 

Here is a note from Olive (from Valentine’s Day 2021) about her own little business she has created:

My name is Olive Wilhauk, and I own my own business called Olive The Sugar! 

I have baked 618 cookies this week for my parents who own Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. shop in Spruce Grove.  

I have had this business for a little bit more than 2 years and want to continue it! I have baked cakes, cupcakes, and loaves.  

And of course cookies! 

It has taken me a total of 2 weeks to bake these after school and on the weekends, more than 20 bags of powdered sugar, and a continuously replayed 14hr music playlist to get me through all these cookies! 

I have run out of eggs, vanilla, flour, sprinkles, and other essential ingredients many times because I’m not so good at math! My icing bags have exploded all over me more than once and my voice was scratchy from singing for so long. 

My Mom ordered these cookies to sell with the shop’s Valentine’s Day Packages, and a few extra to just sell at the front counter.  

They are not gluten-free, sorry! 

It took me a long while to make the icing look nice and I am still learning.  

My Mom gives me useful tips and there are countless people to thank that got me where I am right now.  

I deeply appreciate every one of you. 

~ Olive Wilhauk 

Notes from Mom:

It makes me giggle when she wrote...my Mom gives me useful tips. 

The tip was...That looks terrible and it’s not sellable. Fix it. 

It’s hard being my daughter some days...I have super high expectations of her (same for all of our children) but she seems to constantly show me she can go higher than the bar I set. 

She quickly learned how to do quantity math better when I started charging her $5 each time I had to take her back to the grocery store! She shops for all her own ingredients...I am just the taxi service. 

Olive The Sugar does not have a social media page but you can often find her cookies in our storefront.  

We think this 14-year-old entrepreneur of ours is pretty amazing. She worked soooooo hard to get these done on her own! 

We are very proud of her determination, resiliency, and for persevering through what was a massive undertaking. 

We love you so much Babydoll, keep working hard to make those dreams come true.