Grayson Wilhauk

This baby boy of ours...

It’s a lot of work to teach someone to do your job...but to be totally morbid, I keep begging Trevor to get our son into the shop, and deep into the sausage and pepperoni making. 

I say to Trevor, what if you break your arms?

What if you can’t work? What if you suddenly die?

Besides leaving us with that devastating trauma... the shop will run out of product very quickly, and then we’ll be in a huge mess on all levels.

It’s just the truth.

Making pepperoni isn’t like teaching the kids to fold laundry, he says. 

Or to make dinner. Or to mow the lawn. You have to know so much. 

Ingredient mixtures, that you measure with your eyes. Moisture levels, that you feel with your hands. Math on weights, that you do in your head. 

Temperatures, ingredients, machine speed, and measurements all change for the different pepperoni flavours.

And then again in between the different pepperoni and sausages.

I don’t care. 

Take the time to teach him. Do not leave me with such a mess that we couldn’t recover from it.

So, for the past 2 weeks, Grayson has been in here every day (except when he’s working at McDonald’s).

Trevor walks into my office last week and sits down. He’s almost tearing up.

His voice is all off...and he says.

Grayson has a knack for this. He’s better at it than me. He really gets it. 

He caught on way faster than I did.

He’s done more batches than I have ever done at once...I guess I’ll go home and mow the grass.

Trevor is constantly distracted when he’s making (questions, customers, calls, me lol) and he definitely cannot talk and make at the same time!! Misses counts, gets mad, throws things around a bit.

Grayson is cool as a cucumber...absolutely. 3,300 pounds this week all by himself!

Move over Dad! You better go out job hunting haha!! Our Baby Boy has really got a good start at this family tradition of pepperoni and sausage making.

Not a lot of 16-year-olds in the world can do this. 

We are ridiculously proud of you son.