Amanda Wilhauk

The heart of the company...or is she the brain?? Actually, she’s both. And much, much more!

There is no way this store would be anywhere near what it is without Amanda and her ideas and ability to set forth absolutely anything she feels will better the store or help the community she completely adores.  

Hon, I think we should make a few of these for the store. Well, actually we should make 500. I look at her with a “Are you freak’n kidding me?” look but I know it’s already happening so I just turn around and get to work.  

Her unmatched ability to want to give is one of her greatest qualities. It’s not always easy but she finds a way. Many ways actually. Especially with her 12 days of Giving which gets stronger and more difficult to carry through as the years go on.  

But she always finds a way. She’s extremely determined and persuasive...she never takes no for an answer and I love her for it.  

Amanda, the heart, the brain and the balls of our family business!  

~ Trev