“AMANDA! Hazen is on the classroom zoom meet in his underwear!”

What the?!?!

This text came to me from a teacher on the first day of our stay-at-home-and-school lockdown.

What is zoom? What is a platform? What is a google meet? What is dojo? What is remind? What is connect-Ed, what is gahhhhhhh!!!

What is happening!

My kid just essentially went to school in his underwear because we haven’t actually learned about proper online etiquette!

We are at work trying to keep the business alive and our 9 year old Scarlett is dragging my laptop around the house showing her Grade 3 teacher and all of her classmates every single bedroom in our house. So exciting to show everyone Mommy’s bathroom!!!

For the love.

In late March, many of us literally abandoned our children at home to our teachers online.

They were suddenly completely lost without their students actually being right in front of them. 

Empty classrooms.

Shoes still on the racks. 

Art projects on the walls. 

They had to come up with online tools immediately...and they impressively mastered their chaotic online classrooms within days.

Online show-and-tell can get pretty creative now! We have seen so many dogs and cats and fish and hamsters in classroom meets… and way less accidental nakedness and nose picking incidents!! 

Friends, remember to keep your microphones on mute while I am talking! I can’t see you! Oh, now I can see up your nose!! Ok. Good! Oh, you have a puppy! And you do too! Ok, so great!! You can’t hear me? I can’t see you again! You can’t find the upload button? Nice pajamas! You spilled milk on your keyboard? Let’s try and focus! Remember friends, everyone can see you!

Fast forward months to when schools were allowed to welcome our students back in. I personally know so amazing teachers who spent the entire summer worrying about their students, strategizing on how to best keep them safe… and worrying about how to keep the little ones in desks. 

Worrying about how to go through a day without giving out hugs, 

We see you. 

We think you are so amazing. The great lengths you have gone to for our children are incredible.

You are with our children more hours in a day than we are. 

We appreciate you.

We trust you.

We love you.

Tonight we invited 16 teachers at staggered times to join us in a shopping mob at the brand new women’s clothing store here in Spruce Grove and treated them all to a brand new outfit!!

Who opens a store in the middle of a pandemic?!?!

An amazing, determined, and beautiful entrepreneur does!!

Dani + Madi

Her store is named for both of her Grandmothers who showed her strength and courage.

Congratulations on your new business Rachelle!! You can find her on King Street as well as online. Everything I own is from her because I hate shopping but she makes you feel so beautiful.

Let’s support this brand new small business.

Thank you ladies for this evening. We know your tears were straight from your hearts.

We wish we could give you the world, because that is exactly who you have in your classrooms sitting at those little desks.

Thank you for loving on them.

Always stay humble and kind.

~ Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove