She has never once had family visit her since she moved into Copper Sky Lodge here in Spruce Grove. 

Covid is affecting everyone in different ways, and this is one of them.

Can you actually imagine this?

But this situation is more than just that.

Did you know that some of our seniors here in our city are living on only $40 per month budget?

She is one of them.

Nancy’s money is handled by a trustee. In a different city.

Call me naive, again.

Honestly, I just had no idea. I am embarrassed to say I didn’t even know what a trustees role was in regards to money and seniors. I thought that everyone in this beautiful care facility was doing just great! I definitely had no idea that some of them still need the very basics and are living on a very low fixed income.

We have shampoos, conditioners, body soaps, lotions, and bath bombs overflowing every bathroom in our house. And they have to buy these with only $40 per month?

They have to fit that into the same budget as clothing, personal care items, and treats?

There are residents in this facility that are wearing clothes from other care patients that have passed away.

Simply because that is all they can afford. Generously donated. Free kindness.

What the actual.

We were able to get a Christmas Wish List from Nancy…and it made us stop in our hurried tracks.

Tooth brush. Toothpaste. Shampoo. 

Black and white converse shoes, because she likes the stylish ones her care people wear lol.

She wanted a deck of playing cards. A burgundy jacket. Scarf, mitts, and a touque. Slippers and socks. Caramels. A hair brush. A blanket for her bed. A radio.

And a necklace with a cross on it.

I went shopping with my Mom and together we bought every single item on her list. We miss our own Grandmas and this was really nice to do, together

Nancy does not remember writing this list. 

Every day she sits in the office and fills in pages and pages of Grade 1 activity books. She loves to colour so we bought new felt pens, workbooks, and pencil cases.

Today, we brought over the mountain of gifts to her, just for her. She opened the necklace and said through her tears…I will never take this off, ever.

She has absolutely no idea who we are but was so so grateful.

Nancy Continued

We also wanted to show appreciation to all of the staff that are working there so tirelessly.

Keeping their residents, like Nancy, busy.

Keeping them healthy.

Keeping them safe.

Keeping them from feeling lonely.

All the staff came out to see us and we told them that we think they are doing an amazing job!! 

They went back to work with a Caramunchies snack, and a coveted HotChocStick from Oodles of Chocolates.

We hope you all have a blessed Christmas. Please know that your community thinks you are doing an amazing job, and we truly all so appreciate your time and efforts

If you would like to help out the seniors at Copper Sky Lodge, you can drop off items at our store. Everything has to be brand new. This will be the last call for help!!

The staff have mentioned that bath towels, face cloths, hand towels, sheets (twin size), throws, blankets, socks, slippers, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, lotions…ANYTHING new would be so amazing!

And if you have any used CD’s or DVD’s that are collecting dust, especially classics...they promise that these will go a long way in bringing joy to their rooms

After going up to her own room with her care givers to open up all the presents, they text me to say that Nancy was alternately sobbing and smiling.

She says…I have everything I have ever wanted, thank you.

This is because of you, our customers. 

Our community.

Always stay humble and kind.

Merry Christmas

~ Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove