Employee of the Century

Almost five years ago, she was the first friend that I made the announcement to: We are going to open up a store in Spruce Grove that will sell beef jerky.

She thought we were absolutely crazy, and she said so.

What can I say, she says what she thinks lol!

She knew this shop would happen though, and she has been beside me ever since day one.

As a staff member, and as a friend.

Amanda Wilson brings so much joy to the shop! She is absolutely so amazing up front with our customers. I swear, she could sell sunshine to a snowman if she wanted to because her passion is so contagious.

And she is crazy about our shop. She owns more Wilhauk Beef Jerky apparel than my entire family does all together. She gifts our products out to EVERYONE she knows. Her friends and family in BC all order from her directly.

She pretty much spends every single pay cheque in our store!

Our other staff adore her as she teases them and asks them questions about their kids, wives, and home countries.

She protects me (especially during these 12 Days of Giving as emotions and exhaustion are both running at high levels) when I just cannot get to everyone’s questions, concerns, phone calls, and messages. 

Thank you for always having my back

Amanda deals with two bosses here… usually both of us telling her completely different things lol!!

She comes to me with amazing ideas… many of which have turned into one of these 12 Days of Giving.

She drops off supper at our home when she knows our kids have been on their own for weeks because work is just so busy.

Amanda’s husband works out of town, one week and one week out. She has two other jobs besides this one here. She is a very active member of her church. She is a volunteer on every sports team her children are on. She is on her children’s school’s Parent Council board.

She works extremely long shifts for us and never leaves us hanging. She walked in the other day to buy some jerky and then just put on an apron and started working when she saw we were so behind.

Her family is amazing in every way.

Real life, amazing. Her five beautiful children can speak their minds and mind their manners. They all bust it hard because that’s what they’ve been shown. They are independent and resilient. Oh, she also has two crazy doggies, and a million friends!

How does she do it all?

We actually have no idea.

She has the most giving heart. 

She has completely took on the challenge of supervising our newest staff member and continues to give her guidance to her every shift. I’m pretty sure she would give them her house if her husband let her lol.

Amanda, thank you.

Thank you for working not just for us, but with us. 

~ Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove