Emergency Medical Services

Do you send up a little prayer every time they drive by you with flashing lights and screaming sirens?

Hoping it’s no one that you know.

Lives saved. Lives gone.

Lives changed forever in the wake of that ambulance.

I always think that. Those people had no idea this was going to happen to them today.

Moments ingrained into memories forever.

These men and women, putting in 12-hour shifts (often with exhausting overtime and extra shifts), are working to save lives every day.

Overdoses, cardiac arrests, choking, fainting, falling, breaking, accidents, homelessness, desperation, and even loneliness.

They will come to you, and they will stay with you until you are safe.

During some of the scariest moments of your life, they are right next to you. 

Calming you. Reassuring you. Saving you. This is a hero.

Constantly learning, recertifying educational credits, questioning and comparing with coworkers. Seeking to be better at every call. 

They are so awesome.

We went to the Parkland Emergency Medical Services today to thank the 80 people that work there doing exactly this. We had only been talking for 3 minutes before they got a call, jumped in their ambulance, and left us standing there.

We turned and looked at each other. Sending up another little prayer for whoever it was they were off to pick up.

Soon a few more paramedics came out to chat with us. Immediately one of them hands me $40 cash. This is for that little girl you are helping from your post yesterday.

Wow. Thank you!

And thank you for all that you do to help our community.

We know you are tired. Covid is making it even harder with overdoses, family violence, and senior loneliness on the rise.

But we think you are doing an amazing job.

We know it’s hard for you to truly connect to your transport patients, and to their families, behind that mask you have to wear right now.

But we think you are doing an amazing job.

We know that you try and leave most of your calls at work, and not take the heaviness home. But we know that no matter what, some of those calls will sneak through your guard.

Please know, we all think you are doing an amazing job.

We struggle with what to give such amazing humans!! We packaged up what could hopefully be an easy dinner after a long shift, Smoked Pulled Pork with a BBQ sauce.

And a bag of Kick Ass Caramels from a local business in Stony Plain for dessert… because we think YOU KICKASS!!

Thank you for all you do!

Always stay humble and kind.

Merry Christmas

~ Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove