Puppies and kitties...there is nothing truer in this world then the love of a pet.

On Father’s Day of this year we added two baby white Labradors to our household... and ohmyeverlovinggoodness have they ever added another whole new dimension of love into our life!!!

They are so amazing and we couldn’t imagine life without them.

Gets you thinking about all the pets out there in our city.

We contacted the Owner and Veterinarian at Meridian Veterinary Clinic in Stony Plain AB to see if there was perhaps a family in their database that needed some financial help with a medical procedure for their pet?

They took a few days to talk about it with their staff... and then they called back!!


He is 13 years old now and so sweet...and so handsome

He has been inflicting self trauma because of the pain he has been in, and has been on daily pain meds waiting until his family could save up enough money for this operation.

Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions (FLOLS). Basically, his gums are reabsorbing his teeth. It’s not genetic, it’s not because of poor food just sometimes happens.

Today he was all fixed up in a 2 hour procedure that included X-rays, anesthesia, and extractions. 

Cheeto is now at home resting with his family.

Paw prints on our hearts.

We don’t know who Cheeto’s family is but we sure hope you have many more years with your baby boy.

Always stay humble and kind.

Merry Christmas Cheeto!!

~ Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove