We Hope You Win the Lottery!!

This morning Scarlett and Hazen put Merry Christmas cards full of Lottery and scratch tickets on the windshields of vehicles that were parked in Handicap Parking stalls across town

We so hope you win!!

How cute is this picture, right?!?! 

I will share with you what was literally happening minutes before I took it. 

I was ugly crying. 

I am tapping out, feeling exhausted, a bit overwhelmed...and we are having a massive Christmas party at our house this evening!!

I have a bajillion things to do...my desk is full at the shop, our kids were going in four different directions today, planning and doing the 12 Days of Giving is a lot...and now suddenly our online grocery shop calls, while I’m parked out front of the store, to say they don’t have the veggie tray for our order.

No problem. I can figure this out.

They bring out three staff members and three huge carts to start filling the truck. 

I see one of my best friends in the whole world start walking over to me and she asks how are you doing?

She gives me a huge bear hug and WHAM!!!

I am bawling because there are no vegetable trays.

So ridiculous but I guess that was my tipping point lol!! It’s amazing how a close friend can just swoop in, make you cry because of a warm hug, and then fix everything.

After I pull myself together, I see a staff member come out to bring me a water and a treat for the kids.

Then, another staff member called my cell 15 minutes later. 

She said they had noticed a few tears (understatement lol) and just wanted to make sure that I was okay.


How amazing, a simple gesture like this reset my entire day

It actually breathed energy back into me!!

I get home to find a houseful of friends helping me get ready for the party...we’ve got this they say

Keep those kind gestures going...giving is not always about how much money and presents you can give away. 

It is also about how much kindness you can gift for free.

Merry Christmas!

~ Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd.