This guy. 

He nearly didn’t even make it past his first two months of employment.

Trevor was frustrated.

We had panicked and hired him on the spot when another employee had left abruptly.

New and naive business owners.

Johnny had only arrived into Canada the week before we met him! It snowed on his very first day of work which was pretty cool to watch him see. We literally handed him a shovel so he could have his first real Canadian experience and he seriously had no idea what to do lol…he just kept looking up at the sky in amazement

We didn’t exactly have a lot of experience in letting someone go… so we let time go by.

What a mistake we would have made.

It didn’t take long and Johnny began to get comfortable with us, with the other employees, and with Trevor.

And now!!! 

He has turned the tables on us!! He works hard, at a steady pace, gets it all done, and he has never ever once called in sick. He has never ever missed a day of work for any reason. He arrives and departs with a smile. 

And he is SOOOOOOO funny! 

We are cracking up all the time, laughing at him. He can literally sing every single song on the planet. Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Journey, Lionel Richie, Frozen, ABBA, Beatles, Elvis, New Kids on the Block, Michael Buble, Queen…and you should hear him sing Eye of the Tiger!! He sings so much and so loud that our customers often comment on how happy he must be back there. If you are not careful, he will start listening to Christmas carols on the speaker in August until you walk out of the office and shout… JOHNNY!!!

Yes Boss?


On his birthday this year, his wife and two teenage children showed up at the shop with a huge spaghetti lunch for everyone! We paused first before digging in so Johnny could lead prayer. 

He thanked God for the Wilhauk family, and said that he and his family pray for us every night.


You have completely stolen our hearts

This guy loves to golf. So today, we gave him a brand new putter, a golf pass to the Stony Plain Golf Course, and every single Tuesday afternoon off during golf season (with pay) to go and golf like a man his age should be doing.

Johnny, we appreciate all of your hard work. We appreciate the hours you give us. We appreciate your loyalty to us. We appreciate all of your prayers for us. 

And we sure do appreciate the joy you bring to the back of the shop… time flies when we are all singing together thanks to you.

Have a wicked time out on that course, you deserve it.

Merry Christmas

~ Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove