Our Health

Let’s talk about health for a moment. Our bodies. Our minds. The whole package.

Your body is your most priceless possession, do you take care of it?

Trevor was starting to feel very uncomfortable with his weight. What can I say?!?! We like to drink beer and eat hot wings all summer lol

Grayson decided to not go into hockey this year. So to keep active, they joined Orange Theory Fitness together here in Spruce Grove and somehow convinced me to come with them for the first class...just to try it.

Well. The transformations on all three of us have been so crazy to watch!! 

We go in together for our first class and I keep looking up at the screen that monitors everyones heart rates. Straight red block for Trevor and I both. Trevor is “in the red” for 42 of the 55 minute class lol. He earned a whopping 51 splat points! I look over at him while we are running on the treadmills side by side and he is sweating like crazy and not exactly looking so good. I can barely breathe. 

If you die doing this I will be soooooo mad at you!

Three months and 17 pounds later for Trevor, it’s a lot harder for him to turn that screen red. Sometimes he and Grayson will pull up the email from the first class and laugh so hard at themselves. They work out together, father and son, four times a week and they are having the best time together. Challenging and competing against each other.

How do you ever beat the fitness of a 14 year old lol!?!?

For me? Exercising like this has become a pure bolt of energy for the day (watch out lol!), it has given me way better mental clarity, and has also helped with mood swings.

We love this gym because the workouts are guided by coaches (we are not very good at long term exercise motivation, and we also had no idea how to use equipment effectively), you will never do the same one twice, and the energy when you walk in is crazy!!! The owners are great, and even though they are a franchise with tighter restrictions than other business owners might have to deal with, they are still a local business that we love to support.

And you know what else?

This place is inspiring. 

There are men and women there, all fitness levels, ALL ages. They are all there doing the same thing, trying to be healthier in whatever form that is for them. 

These gym members are so amazing! Welcoming new members. Encouraging each other. Congratulating each other. I felt very wowed when we first started, and I still do. 

These people are getting up in the morning trying to better themselves. They show up at one of the hundreds of time slot options open every week and they work their butts off. 

Running, rowing, climbing inclines, weight lifting, stretching… working different muscles every single time for one hour. 

This morning, after a workout that we joined, we gave all the people that were in this class a pack of 5 free classes for them to pass on to a friend to use in the month of December. Giving the gift of health!

We are lucky to be surrounded with SO MANY wicked fitness facilities and options here in our city!

Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be.

Whether you work out on your living room floor, walk your pup in all weather conditions, go tobogganing with your kids, or move around the best you can, good for you!

Today is your day. 365 new days. 365 new chances. 

One hour. 

Go and do it!

Merry Christmas!

~Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove