We are not sure how it is in your home, but we can say that in ours… we are insanely busy! 

It’s just a crazy phase in our life… owning a business and having four kids in competitive sports. A friend looked at my phone calendar the other day and straight up said “That gives me anxiety just looking at all of that!”

One day, I’m sure it will slow down but for now, we are enjoying and thriving in the chaos that we have created.

Trevor and I will actually pass each other in the driveway, one of us backing out of the garage, one of us driving into the garage, on the way to picking up and dropping off the kids to their hundreds of stops per week. 

I seriously drive into, and out of, the Aerials gymnastics parking lot up to 8 times in one day because the girls train at different times. Trevor has the boys at hockey, or at a gym workout, or is dropping Grayson off at McDonalds to work, or is constantly on the run with errands that I am sending him on lol. 

Then there is the business to tend to! 

We never stop, and it’s crazy, but we love it

That being said, I’m pretty sure that we eat cold cereal for supper more times than is appropriate. We forget to pack school lunches. We definitely forget to send in permission forms. Heck, we have forgotten entire children and left them at arenas.

But you know what? They are totally fine!! They have a huge community of friends watching out for them (you guys are the best!). They are growing up to be strong and independent and they can confidently move through this world without us already.

We are all busy, and truly it’s amazing!! Everyone has a full plate of balancing work, and family, and whatever else life has thrown at them.

We wanted to find some of the other crazies out there that might be eating cereal for supper tonight!! I go rushing up to the front of our store from my office to tell one of our staff members, Amanda Wilson, that Trevor and I are leaving RIGHT NOW to do this because we only have 30 minutes before the nightly driving starts!! 

OHHHHHHNOOOOOOOO!!!! She says. I totally forgot! It’s bring-a-parent night to Briar’s dance tonight! (She is way more frazzled than me lol... just sayin! Five beautiful kids, two part time jobs, with a husband that works out of town. Oh man, I have no idea how she does it!!)

Ok. We can fit this in. Let me think for a second.

No problem!

Trevor and I love this kid! We will go to the beginning of her parent dance night to watch her ballet and then we will be able to give our pizzas away there too! 

Boom. Problem solved.

Dance class at Studio 89 in Spruce Grove is the cutest thing we have ever seen! All these little ballerinas showing off their moves to their Moms and Dads. Heart puddle!

We sneak out and rush over to the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre to find more frazzled parents. We found a bunch lol…managing babies with swimming lessons and skating lessons and soccer practice. They were pretty excited...because, no, they did not have supper ready yet!

They will all stop by Sam’s 2 For 1 Pizza tonight to pick up two pizza’s, on us, and can hopefully eat it together as a family. And if not, that is ok!! Those lunches still need to be packed for school tomorrow lol!

As I’m leaving for home, I call ahead and ask Olive to get ready for Cheer practice (in Edmonton) right now, because I’ll be there in 4 minutes.

What’s for supper she asks?

Oh. My. Gosh. I totally forgot about supper.

Ummmm…cereal again?

Keep on keeping on everyone!! We hope you all find blessings within your craziness.

~ Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove