My very first job (at 14 years old) was working at our local Boston Pizza here in Spruce Grove as a dishwasher and table busser. It was quite the introduction to the service industry for me...I still have many memories and a lot of learned lessons from working there!

Serving customers can be hard!! It’s too hot, it’s too cold, this is not what I was expecting, there is a hair in my food, can I have more sauce, can our party of 20 have separate bills? 

This beautiful lady has been giving us the most excellent service for years!! 

We often hit up Brown’s Social House late at night after we close the shop...it’s a few moments for Trev and I to catch up on the day and make plans for the next...when we are too tired to stand...let alone cook.

We walk in exhausted and she brings us our drinks to the table already knowing exactly how we like them. 

This little gesture speaks volumes to us

We were asking her questions, trying to get some dirt on her job and she had nothing!! She said the customers are her favourite part of the job...they are kind, they are funny, they are all different

She works sometimes until 1:30am even though the restaurant closes at 10:00pm...she said she does it for her two little boys

Unfortunately, we were not able to tip her a million dollars but we hope that what was stuffed into a Christmas card for you will be something you can spend on yourself for serving all those people with that beautiful customer service

Merry Christmas to all the serving staff out there that are keeping it together while the stress of the holidays keeps bringing in the cRaZiEs!!

~Trevor & Amanda Wilhauk 
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove