Swimming with Santa!

Family time!!!

Santa Trevor passed out 200 free swim passes at Spruce Grove’s TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre tonight and it was so exciting to hear the children SCREAMMMMM when he walked onto the pool deck in his flip flops and sandals with Jingle Bells music rocking on his belt!!

The lifeguards joined in on the dance line and everyone was taking pictures...so fun!!

Santa tossed a bunch of colourful floating balls out of his bag into the pool and sent the kids diving for $100 worth of quarters!!

Hon, I need you to dress up in a Santa suit.


And you can dance around the pool deck, get the children to follow you in a dance line, and it will be so fun!!


We will do a quarter toss too!


Your little girls will be there...and this will be so magical!!

I can’t believe you convince me to do this stuff.

And then he had his favourite of the 12 Days ever!! Love this guy

Merry Warm Christmas Everyone!!

~Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd.