Bus Drivers

You’re driving your van all around town, doing pick-ups at school, drop-offs at sports, pick-ups at the grocery store, drop-offs at home and the whole time your kids are in the back…singing, yelling, eating, maybe misbehaving, maybe sleeping, probably asking a billion questions…and then asking the same questions again…and you think to yourself “Are we there yet?”

Can you imagine doing this for 4hours a day, with 50 kids!! 

Let’s love up on our bus drivers a little bit!! 

Have you ever thought that your kids bus pick up time was SO EARLY?!?! Well…these drivers are out even earlier, often with their own children in tow, warming up those busses, scraping ice off of those windows, and preparing every single morning to be at that first stop on time.

Have you ever looked in the back of your vehicle and wondered where all those crumbs came from lol?!?! Can you imagine what they are cleaning up! 

Have you ever been to a bus transfer station? CHAOS! Safe and organized mayhem lol and our children are strong and confident because of it...we saw our children at the transfer station today and they refused to come home with us because they wanted to ride the bus! 

Today, we saw a few busses decorated on the inside according to the holiday season…how cool is that!! Our children sometimes come home from their own bus ride with a freezie or a candy cane…and it always shocks me, this kindness. After all that they go through with our crazy children they are out there caring and giving

These drivers know our kids names

We went to the Greystone Transfer Station in Spruce Grove today...and between weaving through the children yelling for Beef Jerky lol, we handed out 44 custom made coffee mugs (by local business Loo & Roo Designs) and tea (by local business Tickled Tea)!

We appreciate you and all the stress that you handle…but above all, we thank-you for delivering our children safely to and from school 256 days a year!

We wish you a warm and restful Merry Christmas…hopefully you can get a few sleep-ins in there too!

~ Trevor & Amanda Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove