Small Business Cash MOB for Volunteers

These ladies!!

We went out into our community and found these women through different contacts, referrals, and recommendations. 

We invited them to secretly meet us at our shop this evening…and they all showed up not having a clue what was going to happen!! The best part was that they all showed up ready to be assigned a job, ready to work, ready to get in there wherever we needed them lol! 

They are all not just amazing women, moms, wives, grandmothers, employees, and employers…on top of all of these roles they are VOLUNTEERS!!! 

They have committed their time to helping out in our community in so many different ways…it’s amazing to stop and think what wouldn’t get done in our world without volunteers. 

Time is precious…and these women share that gift through many different community avenues, some of which include:

Auggie’s Café, Girl Guides, Spruce Grove Barracudas, Kinette Hampers, FCSS Board, Ringette/Hockey Coaches, Managers, and Board Members, Multicultural Heritage Centre, Journey Through Grief, Stony Plain Youth Centre, Hero’s Program, Saints Hockey, Horizon Stage, Super Tuesdays, and other organizations that they are passionate about

Once the ladies were at our shop, we served them chocolate covered strawberries from Spruce Grove’s Orchard Berry, gave them a little sip of bubbly, then as a group of 22, we walked two blocks down the street and COMPLETELY SURPRISED the wonderful owner of Gifts & Gadgets by walking in and singing JINGLE BELLS! It was agreed upon outside the store that was the only song we definitely knew all the words to lol!)!!

My Dad was there “stalling” owner Sharon from going home to her husband’s birthday! I had asked him to set up a business meeting with Sharon and on the walk over said “DO NOT LET HER CLOSE THE STORE!! We have 22 women with money to spend!! 

It was so fun to watch her face go from a friendly hello as we all walked in…to an eyebrow raised concern…to a total grin once she realized what was happening!!

We treated the ladies to $50 of Gifts & Gadgets spending money and we absolutely loved supporting them and this gem of a locally owned store.

Merry Christmas Shopping!!

~Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove