For our PICU Nurses!

“We were SO close to losing Hudson. We truly believe that he is here today because of the PICU team”.
- Eight year old Hudson Pedlar’s Mom, Robin Pedlar. 

This little guy is one of ours. He goes to school in our community, he plays hockey in our rinks, he rides bikes on our streets. He contracted H1N1 and narrowly lived through a harrowing fight for his life. 

After being rushed to the hospital with flu symptoms, he was immediately put on Ecmo and a ventilator.

24 days, 21 hours, and 42 minutes. 


This strong little warrior has made it!

How do you even begin to thank the team of nurses? These women and men, are pulling 12 – 16 hour shifts, literally saving the life of your child. 

We are on our knees praying, and they are working quickly, efficiently, and confidently. 

Saving his life.

A Note from Hudson’s Mom:

“The support and love from the community has been truly overwhelming so when Amanda reached out to us, we were touched beyond words. She asked us to send her a note about the “little” things the PICU nurses and staff have done for us. Brian and I talked, reflected and thought long and hard but the truth is.....there is nothing....absolutely nothing LITTLE about what these people have done for Hudson and our family for the past 53 days.

We have met MUCH of the PICU team from the Pediatric Intensivists, to Ecmo Specialists, to Nurses, to Respiratory Therapists, to physio, Occupational Therapists, and so many other facets of not only PICU, but the Stollery overall.

The PICU staff is a TEAM in every sense of the word. Everyone has a role and they support each other and the families in ways that most could never imagine. 

They have bent rules to allow our family to support one another and Hudson through the most trying of time....the docs vie to be at the top of Hudson’s favorite list and stop by with treats or call him on their days off....the nurses all come to visit when they are on breaks from other patients to let Hudson know they are thinking about him and make him feel extra special....many don HP6 stickers or #Hudsonstrong t-shirts.....they pile into his room to hear his daily joke...they bring strands of Christmas lights to make his room festive and holidays a little brighter. 

They have gotten to know Hudson and our family on a personal level - so much so that you can see them advocate for what he needs much like we, as his family, do. THEY have become an extension of our family

These people see some very ill kiddos....they work incredibly hard day in and day out and provide the BEST CARE to each and every one. 

This unit and facility is a magical place where miracles happen They saved our son’s life! One day soon....he will come home.... something that at the start of our journey here likely wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the PICU team. 

We will be forever grateful”. 

Tonight, we set up a dinner for 40 nurses and support staff on behalf of the Pedlar Family and all the other children in the Stollery Chrildren’s Hospital. BBQ To Go smoked pulled pork, jerky, licorice, caramels, and our daughter Olive (11 years old) handmade chocolate cookies with her Nona for the table. 

We packed up a few joke books for Hudson too so he can keep those nurses and doctors entertained with gross poop jokes lol!

Talking with a nurse this evening we asked what is the hardest part of nursing? Watching bad things happen to good people. Watching the families grieve. Taking it home and dealing with our own emotions. What is the best part? Watching the kids reach milestones! Watching them leave! And getting Christmas cards to add to our wall of beautiful kids

Hudson still has a long road ahead of him but his Dad said that his personality is starting to shine through again and his Mom is saying that it is Hudson who is showing everyone how to be strong. This has to be the most beautiful Christmas gift of all.

We wish all of the PICU staff a very Merry Christmas  

Thank-you for saving our children, we owe you the world

~Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove