Canadian Armed Forces

We traveled through the United States over the past spring and summer with our children and I can remember many moments where cashiers found out that the customer in front of us was in the Army. Or in the Police force. Or was a Firefighter. And I cannot count how many times the civilians around me said to them “Thank you for your service”. 

It was beautiful.

It was thought provoking for sure. I am not sure that we do this enough for our countrymen and women who serve us. 

It is more than just a job, they are working for us and keeping us safe. We NEED them.

Often, especially with the Armed Forces, they are gone for really long periods of time. Not just one week in, one week out, which would already be hard enough. 


And months. They are gone. 

Leaving their wives, children, family, and friends to cope without them until they can come home. They have missed weddings, funerals, births, and countless special moments. 

Today, we found a local soldier and his family and surprised them!! MCpl Hogan is currently home serving on our Edmonton base. We sent him and his beautiful wife with their almost two year old daughter out on a family date night to Edmonton’s Christmas lights display ~ GLOW! 

They walked through the Christmas lights together, browsed through the market, and stopped for snacks...for a few hours of family time. We sent in a local photographer from Stony Plain AB (Tammy St. Louis with TiAmo Photography…book her by the way for your own family pictures!!) to follow them through to capture a few special moments during their evening together. Keepsakes and important

And let’s be honest girl has Army-Strong Daddy completely wrapped around her little fingers! It was so cute watching her...singing that Daddy swing her high...and more, and more! How can anyone say no to that lol?!?! 

Thank you to the staff at Aerials Gymnastics who helped us orchestrate the surprise...they were all in on the reveal and it was pretty special

MCpl Hogan, thank you for serving our country  

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and many more blessings to you in the years to come

~Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
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