Maikha & Seth

This is Maikha.

She has been working for us since the day that we opened and she is invaluable to us! 

When she started with us she had no idea what to do because we had no idea what to do! We were still opening up boxes of supplies, tills, machines, computers, and stock…and she just dove right in and kept herself busy trying to sort everything for us. Almost two years later…wow…how we know so much more! The mistakes that we have made together…are laughable now (sort of lol!).

Maikha handles EVERYTHING we pass to her without even flinching…here is another huge fundraiser to add to your pile, here is an order that is getting picked up in 10 minutes, can you make 8 more jerky bouquets right now, we have another 4 meat trays that will be picked up in an hour...

She stays late and comes in early when she sees that we need her. She keeps us entertained with her phone calls saying she’s stabbed herself while separating frozen hamburgers or ran out of gas while IN the drive-thru line up while out getting us all coffees…HELP!

She covers for us so we can go on summer trips with our own children

She is a single Mom, and this is tough.

She is going back to the Philippines in the spring to visit family and friends and wants to take her little boy to Hong Kong Disneyland when she is there.

So she took another night shift job to try and save enough money to do this. She was seriously waking up in the middle of the night and working from 11:00pm – 5:00am just to try and pay for this (on top of working for us full time). We could all see how this was not working.

She feels the heavy mommy guilt that probably all working Moms do and we are hoping to lighten it a bit for her with three days of pure magic for her and her baby boy!!

Today, we gave Maikha and Seth their trip to the Hong Kong Disneyland (hotel and passes)

Mom and son.  She so deserves this.

Merry Magical Christmas!!

~ Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove