Blood cannot be created, it needs to be donated. Together, we are Canada’s Lifeline.

Many cancer patients will need a blood transfusions at some point during their battle and we have seen firsthand how this can literally breathe life into their tired bodies. Our close friend had six blood transfusions over the course of her cancer fight.

We have also seen how it can save someone’s life right there on the spot. My sister in-law needed 5 bags of blood after complications with the delivery of her baby girl. She is alive because 5 different people took time out of their day to give. 

I didn’t know if our staff would want to do this with us for the 12 Days of Giving but they did!! I walked out onto the shop floor and said “Under no circumstances do you have to do this!! But…would you like to donate blood with us for our 12 Days of Giving?” 

They were all yeses!! A few of them had never donated before…we are so blessed to have these guys working for us  

So this morning, we closed the shop for a bit (first time ever!) and we loaded everyone up and went downtown to do this together.

Giving blood, it’s free, it’s life, it’s in you to give

We wish everyone needing these transfusions the best of health in 2019.

Merry Christamas!!

~ Trevor,  Amanda,  Ryan,  Maikha,  Amanda, and Alyzza
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove

If you would like to donate you can call 1-888-2-DONATE and set up an appointment.