For Daddy

This is a hard. Like, real life hard.

Someone is missing from this family picture and their hearts are completely broken. How do you have a Christmas without a Daddy? They are living through what a lot of us would consider to be an absolute hellish nightmare.

What does a person say to another when they are dealing with this magnitude of loss? How long does the numbness go on? Will it happen to us? Who will do the Daddy jobs around the house? Who can help this Mom get through it all?

This beautiful family suddenly lost their Daddy two months ago. Unfortunately he did not have any life insurance, and was the main income provider, so Mom is out job hunting right now when she should be laid flat with grief. 

We do not know them but we did figure we could hopefully bring a little light to their home this season. Trevor took our kids to the store to pick out Christmas lights and then he and two of his good friends went to hang them all up.

We left this family a gift box full of treats and some extra money to help with bills.

See that colorful strand at the top of the tree? That was left there last season because Daddy decorated the tree lights by using a hockey stick (very Canadian lol) and couldn’t get it out our boys plugged our lights right into his ❤️

Three girls and one little boy. The little guy is asking Santa to bring his Daddy home. They have a long road ahead but are staying unimaginably positive. 

May these lights shine brightly, to light your home, and to bring a little Christmas magic to your children ❤️

For all of you who are dealing with heavy hearts this season, we wish you a gentle season of healing and peace.

May the memories of those you love shine brightly this Christmas Season ❤️

~Amanda & Trevor Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove