Coffee & Friends!!

Have you ever experienced the smile of just finding out that someone in front of you in the drive-thru line up just paid for your coffee? 

Well...we hope to give you that exact smile at Perks today!! 

We love this little gem of a coffee shop in Spruce Grove. We had many business meetings there while planning for our own shop to open and I remember looking around and thinking “Ohmygosh, Perks has mats for wet and snowy boots. We need to buy mats. They have a till. We need a till. Where does a person get a till from? They have staff. Oh, we’ll need those too. They have a Mom working behind their counter to help out. Check mark, we have one of those! They have a baby with them at work. Right, that will be us but with a 5 year old helper.”

So many simple small business necessities and realties, but I hadn’t even thought about half of them until I saw them at Perks...added all of those little details to the growing list of 1,000,000 things we needed to do before opening…gah!! 

The owners of Perks, with their awesome red bus, are the biggest community supporters and have always been ready to talk about the ins and outs business with us. We appreciate them and all of the other local businesses that are making a go of it

So head on over to Perks today for a MAPLE BACON LATTE on us! They promise that it’s a yummy feature drink!!

Coffee and friends make the perfect blend, we hope you can enjoy both of these today

Thank-you for supporting local

Merry Christmas

~ Trevor & Amanda Wihauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove