Can you imagine being away from your family for years at a time? Missing the births, the weddings, the anniversaries, and sometimes the burials of your own friends and family members? 

Can you imagine the uncertainty of leaving your own country to make another one your new permanent home? 

Can you imagine moving to a brand new country and applying for a job, citizenship papers, bank cards, mortgages, driver’s licenses, SIN numbers….all on top of just trying to figure out which way to go?

Can you imagine working two jobs at once so that you could save up money to go home…just for a visit?!?! All the while, sending half of your earnings home to help the people that you left behind?

So many people in our community are doing this right now, including our Ryan. 

And today we gifted him a flight home to the Philippines

We gave this flight to him on the condition that he MUST COME BACK lol!!

Ryan and his wife Rebecca (who also works for us when we are really busy) are both incredible staff members. Their work ethic is higher than anything we could expect…we practically have to force Ryan to stop and eat with us when the shop brings lunch in for everyone! We may have forced him to have a beer with us too while we were taste testing our burger patties on the BBQ in the parking lot this summer  

He comes in on his off-shift days just to check the order board to make sure that we will all be ready for the fundraisers and the rushes. He works fast, thoroughly, and he is trustworthy in every way. 

He is the reason Trevor can leave the shop to spend time with our own family.

What do they miss most about the Philippines? The beaches! The swimming! The food!!

What do they like most about Spruce Grove? That we are a tight, closely-knit, community that makes them feel very welcome

We hope that everyone in our community will be able to go wherever their home is soon, and in the meantime, we hope you all feel at home here in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Parkland County.

Merry Christmas

~ Trevor & Amanda Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove