Ohmygosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times in the past year I have felt like an exceptionally bad Mom. Opening up Wilhauk Beef Jerky in Spruce Grove has definitely been the biggest challenge our family has ever faced together…because it literally affects every moment of our family life.

I have dropped the parenting ball so many times that it doesn’t even seem to faze the children at all lol. They have walked to practices, dragged their bikes home with flat tires after practices, missed getting picked up from a practice, missed the team bus to a competition (really bad Mom moment), been late for birthday parties, made their own suppers more times than we can count, and taken beef jerky to their school bake sales and class parties (because, well, we didn’t have time to bake sugar free, gluten free, MSG free, color-dye free, no salt, no butter, no peanut cookies lol!!)

Four children in competitive sports with a Mom & Dad running a brand new business…it’s crazy for us all but honestly they are happy and they are thriving in the chaos.

So...we are just going to embrace the Bad Mom idea instead of fighting it and would like to celebrate ALL BAD MOMS out there!!

Stand strong ladies, fight the perfect image and embrace the cRaZy!! You are the reason your children are growing up beautifully, the reason they are safe, and the reason they are so loved

We have an ENTIRE movie theatre rented for the Monday December 11 2017 7:00pm BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS MOVIE!! 

So….if you are a BAD MOM, grab a friend, stop by our shop (absolutely no purchases necessary) and pick up your FREE ticket!! 

Enjoy the 7:00pm Landmark Cinema show on us before you return back home to your Bad Momming lol 

(Dad’s, this is a Moms night out only!)

Merry Christmas!!

~Trevor & Amanda Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove