It’s difficult to find the words for this post!! Our four children have all been in competitive sports since they were in kindergarten and they are all children in love with their game.

How can they love something so much?!?! 

Of course it’s the sport itself, but it’s also the team, the friends they’ve made, the physical accomplishments they’ve achieved, and the fun!! Oh the fun!!! 

Behind ALL of this are their coaches

Our children spend 36 hours a week combined, on sheets of ice, balance beams, swimming pools, ski hills, and on cheer floors…and right next to them for every moment is a coach who believes in them. 

Next to us, these individuals are our children’s greatest cheerleaders. Someone who believes in our child, encourages them, disciplines them, toughens them, loves on them, and pushes them to be better because they see it in them. 

Some of these coaches are VOLUNTEERS!!! Wow

Spending their own personal time with our children and not getting paid more than a bag of jerky lol. And year after year…they step up and take on this role. They deal with the crazy parents, the scheduling, the rules and regulations. All for the love of the game, and for the love of giving. 

So…we walked into a totally random dressing room this morning at the Grant Fuhr Arena here in Spruce Grove, found an Initiation Hockey Coach (the bravest kind of coach lol!), and handed him tickets to an Edmonton Oilers hockey game for this Wednesday’s game against the Philadelphia Flyers!! 

He loved the tickets but I think he secretly may have loved the squishy team hug from his little players even more

Thank you to all of the coaches out there, whatever your sport may be. We appreciate all that you do for the children in our community

Merry Christmas!!

~Trevor & Amanda Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove