Christmas Hampers!!

Everyone in Parkland County has been helping get ready for this day!! 

It’s the Spruce Grove Kinette Hamper Donation Day!!

The schools have been sending notes home, sports teams have been banding together, individuals have been volunteering their time, churches have come together, and local businesses have been setting up collection points…Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Parkland County all working together to help out our own people

Bless you all

We sent our kids through Superstore, by themselves (a girl team and a boy team) each with a list of what needs to go in a Large Family Hamper (which can be found on the Spruce Grove Kinnette Hamper website). 

They had to find all of the items on their lists and ask strangers for help if they didn’t know where to find something. FYI: Instant Potatoes are very difficult to find!! A lot of other shoppers were very keen to help out; it was so great to see

What should have been a 20 minute shopping trip actually took 1.5 hours lol!! 

Apparently the kids do not possess the multi-tasking-at-a-grocery-store skills yet. I mean, if you are looking for Kraft Dinner you had better keep looking for that Kraft Dinner until you find it. Keep walking up and down every single aisle until you find it. And walk past every other item you need on your list because nothing matters until you can find the Kraft Dinner!

And we may have lost the kids in the toy aisles a few times.

Today is donation drop off day and the Kinette’s still need more donations for the 615 hampers that are heading out into our own community!! 

Gift cards for the older children, or gift cards to grocery stores to top off the Hampers would be really appreciated. Cash donations (up to $8,000 is also needed) so that they can purchase the perishable items for the Hampers. We also noticed that the canned fruit, syrup, jam, and gifts for 11-12 year old girls were already getting low.

If you can give anything, it will be so appreciated. Big or small, giving is giving, and we thank-you!

These volunteers have been organizing this for months and months, and will be working all day today and tomorrow to get the Hampers ready for delivery. Stop by the Spruce Grove Alliance Church and take a peek at the true meaning of Christmas, happening right now

Merry Christmas

~ Trevor & Amanda Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove