Welcome to Spruce Grove!!

Oh, Spruce Grove, how you have grown!! 

I have lived here for my whole life and the changes and growth in this community are immeasurable! 

When I was 7 years old, our house in Westview Crescent (Woodhaven) backed onto an empty field (facing north). Our back alley was the very last road in Spruce Grove!! We backed onto a farmer’s field…but now you will find the Link’s Golf Course, 4 new schools, fitness facilities, hair salons, boozie stores, convenience stores, a church, beautiful subdivisions, playgrounds, a hockey rink, a spray park, and kilometers of amazing biking trails…all where the fields used to be!

We may not be surrounded by the mountains, or have a view of the ocean, but Spruce Grove has grown beautifully and it is definitely our home  

Our children bike through the same forest that I did when I was their age...and they have licked and stuck their tongues to the same freezing cold railings in the same school yard that I did...and this makes my heart happy lol!! 

We are very blessed to live here

We searched for a BRAND NEW SPRUCE GROVE FAMILY and we found one!!! They just moved here only 14 days ago...all the way from New Westminster BC! 

As a welcome, we dropped off pizza for supper, passed them a box of Wilhauk Beef Jerky goodies, gave them gift cards to Jack’s Drive In, Docherty’s Fish & Chips, and Porta Romana Restaurant. We wanted to give them a taste of the old and new food establishments…and we absolutely love all three of these places!!

Welcome to Spruce Grove!! We love our city and we hope you do too

Merry Christmas

~ Trevor & Amanda Wilhauk
Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. Spruce Grove