Today is the first day of our Christmas Giving Back campaign and we headed straight to the grocery store! 

Grocery shopping is something that I used to love to do…but then we had four young children that needed to come into the store with me...yay!! And to make it even more “fun” was trying to push that heavy cart through the parking lot that was full of snow, ice, and bumpy gravel. 

Let’s add in a good wind chill to make the experience even more enjoyable on the children’s faces and fingers. 

Every. Single. Time. I’d either have a bag of oranges fall out and roll everywhere, a kid would lose a mitten/touque/boot, or I’d actually lose a kid haha! 

Needless to say, my passion for grocery shopping has not quite yet returned…but today we wanted to make it easier for that one Mom out there that is shopping in the cold with her babies.

We found her, paid for her groceries, and Trevor carried them to her car for her  

This beautiful Momma definitely deserves a cart full of groceries!! She has 3 little boys (one of whom was at home as he needs full time care and assistance because of cerebral palsy), a pretty little baby girl, and another on the way!!

And, she gives the most grateful hugs you could ever experience

We were so excited to walk through the aisles to find the right Mom and as soon as we spotted her we knew she was the one...then we had to spend the next 20 minutes trying to not look like creepo stalkers lol!!

Merry Christmas!!

~Trevor & Amanda Wilhauk